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Frank Salatto

Contact Information:

FJSalatto [at] Gmail [dot] com


Senior at James Madison University. Set to graduate it May of 2010.

Major: SMAD (School of Media Arts and Design)- Journalism Concentration  Minor: English


– The reason that Frank is such a great candidate for a sports journalism position is his intense passion for both sports and broadcast television. He is a hard worker, and will most assuredly go above and beyond if offered a position in sports journalism.

– Frank has gotten great experience in his internships, and made a solid impression with the people he worked with. He was able to learn how to web stories, how to edit in newsflash, how to write highlights, how to tell a story in a package, how to interact with athletes and coaches, how to interview in a relevant manner, and how to have presence on camera.

– Frank also has attained a lot of knowledge about the field of journalism and how technology will play a role in journalism (see my blog). He has also learned, through his SMAD course work, a lot of relevant information such as how to use a camera and  shoot live action, how the media can effect the public, what laws journalists must be aware of while at work, and an overall knowledge of newer technology.

– Frank is prepared for work in broadcast sports journalism immediately. He is hard working, knowledgeable, teachable, enthusiastic, resourceful, and eager to make a name for himself. Therefore, Frank is a great job candidate.

Professional Experience:

NBC 4 (Washington D.C.): Frank worked as a sports intern for the summer of 2009. Frank’s responsibilities included picking out highlights for the evening sportscasts, archiving video for future use, and helping out in any way possible around the newsroom. Frank also got the opportunity to go out in the field on multiple occasions. He went to Redskins training camp multiple times, went to a Nationals game, went to the AT&T Invitational, and went to the Redskins first preseason game. Frank was also sent out on stories with just a photographer, where he conducted interviews with Candace Parker of the LA Sparks, and female boxer Jennifer Salinas. Overall, this was a great work experience for Frank.

WHSV- TV3: Frank interned in both news and sports for WHSV in Harrisonburg in the Spring of 2009. Frank pitched story ideas, assisted reporters in the field, wrote teases, helped edit video, webbed video, and made beat calls. Frank went out in the field very often, and was able to learn the ins and outs of broadcast television. Frank also learned how to interact with athletes and other citizens within a community.

Contributing writer for The Breeze and The Gazette: Frank wrote sports for these two newspapers periodically throughout his college career. He learned how to cover sporting events, how to interact with athletes and coaches, and most importantly, how to write. Frank received great advice about writing for sports, and became enthused and passionate for sports journalism.

Adventures in Permitting: Frank worked as an office assistant for AIP periodically throughout his college career. He earned time management and how to function positively in an office setting. While this work experience didn’t involve any journalism, Frank still learned the importance of punctuality, the importance of work ethic, and the overall dynamic of an office and the professional world.

What My Employers Thought of Me:

“In my experience, there are two types of interns: those who show up because they have to, and those who show up because they want to. Frank Salatto is one of the few in that second category. Frank doesn’t just want to know how things are done; he wants to know why they’re done. He’ll offer help before you ask for it. He’s willing to come in early or stay later than scheduled, and understands a crazy schedule is part of life in the tv sports business. And perhaps most importantly, Frank is open to “getting thrown into the fire,” so to speak. He’ll try anything, then look for every lesson to be learned from the experience. Frank is eager to learn, open to suggestion, and willing to make the sacrifices and put in the hard work required to succeed in this business.” – Damon Dillman, Sports Director, WHSV- TV3

Frank is very solid worker. He interned for me during the summer of 2009.  He gets his assigned work done in a timely manner and he has good attention to detail.  He has a strong knowledge of sports.  He knows how to select the right the highlights and how to ask the right questions.- Cal Baxter, Sports producer and Internship Adviser, WRC -Washington

“Frank Salatto has worked for our firm, Adventures in Permitting (AiP), during summer and winter breaks from college, starting in the summer of 2007.   He worked on a variety of tasks from filing to producing CAD drawings for the Traffic Control Plans we generate to aid in the processing of building permits.  Flexibility is his main asset, always ready to tackle a task, though he might not have performed it before.  Adventures in Permitting (AiP) did send him on trips to the DC Permit Office to obtain permits, from which he returned successfully.  That’s a bit of miracle since he had never processed building permits before he started working for AiP.  Working through the bureaucracy at the DC Permit Office is mentally and physically challenging. Another asset he possesses is social maturity.  He is able to manage his relationships with other staff members in the office with a team spirit attitude; ready to help anyone requiring his assistance.  He is courteous and thoughtful, characteristics which help the office run more smoothly. I highly recommend Frank Salatto, not only as a worker, but as a person.”- Diana Gonzalez, President, Adventures in Permitting

Special Skills:

In both SMAD 201 and 202, I learned how to use Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign, IMovie, GarageBand. Also, I took four semesters of Italian at JMU.



Writing Samples:

Summer Baseball Story for the Maryland Gazette  #1

Summer Baseball Story for the Maryland Gazette #2

Summer Baseball Story for the Maryland Gazette #3

Video Samples:

WHSV-TV3 Packages:  

NBC4 Stand-ups and mock sportcast:  

SMAD 202 Video:  

Design Abilities:

I was in charge of sending out a newsletter to the alumni of my fraternity, Kappa Alpha. I designed it with InDesign, wrote many of the articles, and basically did all of it myself.

Here is Newsletter 1

Here is Newsletter 2

Feel free to check out my blog and my print resume.

Thanks for visiting!


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