Teachers Need to Focus on New Media

As I have stated over and over again in this blog, journalists, and journalism in general, will not survive without an acceptance and understanding of new social media.

The good thing is that generally, people within the industry realize this. Blogs, Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, podcasts, and YouTube videos are all being used by sports journalists across the country, and around the world.

Another encouraging fact is that future journalists are being taught the importance of new social media, and also how to use new social media.When I say future journalists, I mean people like myself who are studying journalism.

According to Barb Dybwad in her article entitled “University Makes Twitter a Required Class for Journalism Students,” journalism students at Griffifth University are required to take a class that discusses how to use Twitter, and why it is important.


According to Dybwad, university officials said more and more employers are looking for social media savvy employees.

Kim Pearson, in her articled called “What do journalism students need to know?,” talked to Mindy McAdams, a Professor at the University of Florida Journalism School. McAdams said that she has her students do projects involving 2 minute audio clips, online ethics case studies and XHTML tags and basic CSS.

These are all valuable tools for the “new” journalist. The fact that these tools are being taught in journalism schools is a good sign for the future of the sports journalism industry.

Vadim Lavrusik, who is  a new media student at Columbia University, wrote an article called “10 Ways Journalism Schools are Teaching Social Media.”  Among the many things in his list, Lavrusik says that schools are teaching students how to publish with social tools, crowdsource, gather news online, build a personal brand and also, build an online community.

Years ago, content like this would have never been taught in universities. Today, Professors, students and administrators are realizing the overall trend toward new media, and are teaching their students accordingly.

Alfred Hermida, in his article entitled “Journalism Students Turn to Social Media,” says that there is some resistance from students when teachers preach the importance of social media. However, Hermida says that if journalism students don’t embrace social media, then they won’t be journalists for very long, if at all.

And why wouldn’t you? As a journalism student, is constantly pounded into your head that it is extremely hard to become established as a journalists, mostly for lack of real opportunity. Online journalism is the perfect way to get your word out there, and allows the process of recognition to be a lot shorter and easier.

Journalists need to look at social media, and new technology in general, as an opportunity, not a hinderance. It is good to see that journalism schools are acknowledging this, and are teaching their students the new way of journalism.

This will help journalists, and the journalism industry in general, survive down the line.

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3 Comments on “Teachers Need to Focus on New Media”

  1. Allie Rogers Says:

    I’m glad you posted about the importance of teaching new social media to journalist. People have to realize that social media is here, and it is here to stay. Not only is it current but it will keep changing and progressing over time. Therefore, teachers across the board need to integrate the social media skills necessary for those up and coming journalist into their lesson plans. Without knowing how to use social media you will be behind those who do know in the job process. I feel like every university needs to implement social media classes, not just for journalists, but for every job field. Good topic!

  2. Jared Ruppert Says:

    Any reporter who isn’t up to date on new media is clearly behind the ball. New media is dominant today and any reporters or journalists who don’t recognize that will have issues in their career. Good post!

  3. Anne Blessing Says:

    I think SMAD could be added to these curriculums that are so up to date! A ton of my friends have never taken classes about interactive media and the fact that we do and manage a blog and make SMR’s is completely neat! I like how you reported on this however. It shows that audiences are learning to engage so companies really need to pay attention!

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